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Review in August 2011 issue of The Noise, by TMax

JULIE DOUGHERTY (and friends)
Topside, Gloucester, MA
Bouncing back from a broken wrist, the long blonde-haired Julie Dougherty has regained her
ability to perform without guest guitarists backing her up. Today she’s doing brunch at the
Topside. It’s a relaxed gig, where she shows off her talents covering Billie Holiday to Dusty
Springfield to Carole King while comfortably interacting with the patrons who’ve showed up just
for her. She invites up her friend Brian Corcoran who has a comfortable deliberate approach to a
few traditional folk-sounding tunes. Local celebrity Fly Amero (Orleans) drops by and sits in to do
a couple of wonderful bluesy numbers playing the right-handed guitar lefty. Julie asks me up to
do a couple of tunes so I can’t resist dedicating my song “Fly” to Mr. Amero. It all makes for good
fun with Fly, who responds with his own lyrics. Julie comes back for a couple of Dylan tunes and
then impresses her fans by figuring out a request for Buffy Sainte- Marie on the spot. Ms. Marty
Dunphy joins Julie for Maria Muldaur’s “Don’t You Feel My Leg,” so naturally all the guys are
now thinking about feeling her leg. Will Hunt and Janice Fullman take the stage and do “I’m a
Fool to do Your Dirty Work.” Then Julie is back to mix it up with “The Look of Love,” “Over the
Rainbow,” and “Ain’t That Peculiar,” but don’t get the idea that she’s just an encyclopedia of
covers, she ends with “The Real Deal,” a tune crafted together with her super talented niece, Kelly
Fitzgerald. The super part runs in the blood—and Julie Dougherty consistently displays her talent
effortlessly and humbly—the kind of experienced professional who is always worth seeing.
(T Max)

Don White : nationally acclaimed Singer/Songwriter/Humorist

"I have been listening to Land of Dreams and In this Place by Julie Dougherty for two weeks to the exclusion of all other music. In twenty five years in the music business I know of no other singer like her. Each of the several styles of music she embraces on these recordings is sung in a way that makes the listener believe that she has spent her entire life dedicated to that single genre. The songs are beautifully crafted. The musicianship is superb. These twenty one songs are an extraordinary accomplishment from a one-of-a-kind artist."

Ken Field

"In This Place" is an extended love song. Julie Dougherty's lyrics are about people, places, memories, and lifetimes. But they mostly express, beautifully, emotionally, and with the help of her clear sparkling voice and a bevy of the best side musicians the Boston area has to offer, her love and appreciation of those closest to her. An inspiring listen.”

Douglas Sloan : Metronome Magazine

" of New England's steadiest working musicians. If you're not
familiar with Julie, you need to experience this beautifully crafted album for yourself. Outstanding!"

T Max : editor of The Noise Magazine

“…performing with her band outdoors this evening, Julie toggles back and forth between songs from her latest CD, In This Place, and popular covers.  Julie’s originals, “I’m Standing In This Place”, “Salvation and Second Chances”, and “Tender” stand right up to mega hits of the past, “Up On the Roof”, “Tell Her No”, and “Ain’t That Peculiar”. Julie and her talented band are always a pleasure!”

Steve Morse : longtime Boston Globe critic, Rock History teacher at Berklee College of Music

“Julie Dougherty is an extremely diverse talent who strides across folk, country, rock and blues with equal assurance.  She just released two new records.  My favorite is Land of Dreams, in which her survivor mentality comes to the forefront.  It has a wonderfully melodic set of band-driven songs in which Julie sings “I know my way around broken dreams” before later advising to “just follow your bliss.”  Will do, Julie!”

Jimmy Ryan : Musician

“…that is one beautiful record Julie!”

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