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The movement of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira comes to mind as you experience the jangly guitar and expert electric bass-playing on Julie Dougherty’s latest release. Drums and percussion join in to keep things grooving as Dougherty’s vocals swing from gritty and solid to light and soaring.

Dougherty plays both acoustic and electric guitar on the record and shows a capable hand with both. Her songs are chock-full of images from a corporate man in his high-rise feeling “the burden of his Midas touch” in opener “Leap in the Dark” to “this populated solitude, where we walk our paths alone” in the title track.

Rich vocal harmonies and the occasional keyboard, flute or saxophone complete the sonic picture. Overall, a collection of songs that display the grace and mellow confidence of a professional musician doing her own unraveling and thoroughly enjoying herself.

Noel Paul Stookey : Peter, Paul & Mary

"Julie! I don't know anybody that can pull folk, jazz and funk together like you, gal! What a pleasure to hear you connect all your talented dots over such a rich array of players...this CD grooves!"

Bob Franke : nationally acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

"I've been a fan of Julie Dougherty's for a long time now. Her new album has given me the experience of being astonished by an old friend. The emotions are raw, the lyrics are confessional, and the arrangements are rich although never overdone. It's an ambitious work worth every bit of the time I spent with it: truly adult music in the best sense of the word. It's as if, all the time Julie tried to fit her insight and her musicality into the country-pop mold, she were running with weights on: in this album, the weights have come off, and she's flying with new wings. The country-pop template is gone, and in its stead are arrangements that remind me of Joni Mitchell at her most essential. Julie never gets lost in that great woman's shadow, though: she travels this territory simultaneously with the assurance of a professional and the delight of a child. It's a tremendously satisfying work."

Don White : nationally acclaimed Singer/Songwriter/Humorist
"Great songs. Flawless musicianship and the voice of an angel. Julie Dougherty is a treasure."

Geoff Bartley
: prize-winning acoustic guitarist & a nationally respected Singer/Songwriter

"In her forty years as a bona fide working musician, Julie Dougherty has developed a voice sassy enough to front full-blown rhythm and blues bands and intimate enough to grace coffeehouse stages as a solo singer-songwriter. She has also written songs attractive to Nashville publishers. Her newest CD of all original material, The Sweet Unraveling, is an extremely strong offering in the style of Joni Mitchell's Hejira that blends exhilarating folk-jazz propulsion with meaningful writing born of experience. Producer Mark Levreault brought in excellent players... Dave Mattacks of Fairport Convention fame on drums, Matt Leavenworth on acoustic guitar and violin, Lucas Pickford on bass, and the great Bobby Keyes on electric guitar to name a few, to make a recording that brilliantly showcases Ms. Dougherty's sophisticated musical palette and candid songwriting."

Mark Levreault : Producer, Recording Engineer, Guitarist
Producer of The Sweet Unraveling

"As a producer, one is always on the lookout for that unique artist with all the right stuff - innate talent, great material, confident stage presence, and the desire to reach beyond their limits and explore new territory. In Julie Dougherty, I found much more than that. Her passion for her music and her quest for it's expression was more than just a "project" for us, but an endeavor. Seeing this project as more than simply an opportunity from which to learn and hone our skills, we brought to it all that we have learned and absorbed over the years, attempting to inject her music with life and soul. The songs on this CD range from the most intimate and simple arrangements to some of the most lush and harmonically rich that you will hear anywhere today. And all are delivered in a brilliant vocal style that is familiar and fresh, accenting the quality and integrity of Julie's vocal skills while never obscuring the subtlety and richness of her excellent guitar playing. All the right stuff and more."